Part of the Learning in Harmony Trust

"In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all. We live and breathe our values and focus on doing things the right way, providing the perfect environment for all our children to flourish and succeed. And with a diverse range of schools in two contrasting locations, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive, creative and forward-thinking environment."
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Upton Cross Primary School




I have wanted to be a primary school teacher for as long as I can remember. As a little girl my favourite thing to do was play ‘pretend teachers’. I turned my bedroom into a classroom by putting times tables and spellings on my wall, wore my Mum’s high heels and taught imaginary children. My dream came true when I started a 3 year BEd Primary Education course at the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. I was fortunate enough to have a variety of placements whilst at university ranging from small, rural schools to large inner city schools. My favourite and final placement was at Upton Cross Primary School. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel part of the Upton Cross community immediately. 


Whilst on placement I got offered a job as an NQT at Upton Cross and accepting it was the best decision I have ever made. I am so grateful that I got to complete my NQT year at a school which has a great support network. I never felt alone and there was always someone I felt I could go to when I needed support whether this was my partner teacher, mentor or another member of staff . 


I am now in my second year at Upton Cross and in such a short amount of time, they have been able to offer me so many opportunities and experiences. Although I am only in my second year of teaching, Upton Cross has given me the opportunity to develop my career and further my professional development by making me part of the maths team. This involves identifying priorities for the subject, implementing and monitoring targets to raise standards in the learning and teaching in maths and delivering whole staff INSET sessions. This has been a great experience for me as I have been able to gain confidence in the teaching and learning of maths across both key stages as well as being able to develop as a leader. 


What I love the most about Upton Cross is the way the staff work together and support one another to provide the children with the best education. I have learnt so much from working closely with a variety of experienced teachers, all of whom want to help and support one another. 

I feel so privileged to have such an important job which plays a vital part of so many young lives. Although teaching is a challenging job, it is also the most rewarding when you realise the difference you are making. I am so lucky to be a part of a school within the Learning in Harmony Trust, where schools work together to share their best practise but also allow schools to retain their own unique characteristics.